Hulk table

I was cruising Craigslist yesterday and noticed this craft table, lightly used, that could support the weight of a jumbo jet. I already built the giant table in the corner but this thing was $50, clean, and movable. The materials alone would be double that. They delivered it too. I own it now. It used to help a lady make quilts. It's beefy.

Cost: $50

photo 4.JPG


In anticipation for my new washout booth I started looking into how I was going to get the water from the washout booth, outside. I figured I would have to call a plumber to get things legit and then I saw this little guy. 

It's a drain, to the sewer, for this exact thing. Already done. Fuck-yeah, Merica.

Cost: $0

photo 5.JPG


I needed a good workspace that could support heavy shit and big screens. I had this giant 4x8 top framed up with 2x4's. I put some cleats on the wall to support the table and threw on some legs. Storage and workspace. 

I bought some contact cement and slapped down a nice thin piece of smooth board (I can't think of the name of the material) to ease up the rubbin on my belly and arms from that plywood top. 

Cost: $100


I used a 2 gallon can of contact cement to adhere a smooth top to the plywood.

I used a 2 gallon can of contact cement to adhere a smooth top to the plywood.

Look how much shit it can hold!

Look how much shit it can hold!

Washout booth

Given the size I will be working at, I need a fairly large washout booth. Even simple, small washout booths are $400 and one I would need would be somewhere from $700 -$1200. I did some drawings to explore making one etc and then Late one night I found this post on making your own washout booth from a 135 gallon poly container.


I searched craigslist in my area and found two for sale, 10 minutes from my house, for $100 a piece. I bought one. It will be here Friday. It used to haul vinegar. It's kinda chubby.