You can find him at any workshop, he's a mechanic. He's a really good friend, really fun to play with and really good at climbing. He lives in the water.

Kind: Alissis

Pieces: 12

Ages: 7-16


You can find him anywhere you hear really good music. You can find him at a really, really cool party. He's know for his really good fighting skills. You can find him at most crime scenes. He's really cute.

Kind: Clobra

Pieces: 8

Ages: 6-18


Rocky lives underground. He's really fast and good at rolling. When he breaks in half he has a gun in him. On one side, blades come out. When he breaks in half, he can hover.

Kind: Klowch

Pieces: 5

Ages: 4-16


A funny little microbot, Play is known for his cuteness. He was the last one of his kind.

Kind: Meep

Pieces: 10

Ages: 4-18